Key Points For Optimizing Networks And IT Communications

There is much talk of the data, of its exponential growth in the current digital society, of how important it is to be able to manage them effectively to discover new business opportunities… but too often you forget the importance of the network in everything It. In today’s article we will give some guidelines on how to optimize networks and IT communications. Next, we review some key aspects of upgrading the network and communications infrastructure — something to consider mandatory when implementing a data-centric it architecture.

To take advantage of the latest innovations in technology it is necessary to carry out an audit of the networks and communications existing in the company. Connectivity is a word that always accompanies the term digital transformation and to be able to optimize networks will be a point to be taken into account. It is clear why, because nowadays everything is connected. And in a company the heart of all this is the data center.

In the CPD is where the information that feeds the business processes comes in and out. The incorporation of business mobility and mobile devices into the working environment, the increase in the use of cloud computing solutions and the incipient development of the Internet of things, draws a scenario in which the needs Network have been growing to be able to transmit more and more data and heavier.

This is linked that within the data center it is also necessary to respond to aspects such as virtualization of servers and other assets that generate continuous traffic and therefore high network and communications requirements.

Software Defined Network SDN

Many companies have been dealing with all these changes by adding different layers that hinder the management of the entire network infrastructure. Each deployment requires particular attention and there is no unified control of the network itself. This situation, apart from generating high maintenance costs, is very risky because it generates a highly vulnerable environment to cyber.

What is clear is that 21st century technology cannot sustain itself in twentieth-century networks. The network has to become a priority asset in defining a modern technology solutions architecture.

In this sense, the solutions SDN Software Defined Network are a highly recommended antidote against the complexity in the networks because they allow to manage them centrally from a single interface. This can be done in an automated way without human intervention, after a configuration and previous programming that considers the different uses of the resources (both physical and in the cloud) and defines rules of action in different scenarios.

Proactive monitoring of the elements to optimize networks

Proactive monitoring of network elements and lines of communication is a compulsory subject for companies. This is the only way to detect gaps and connection failures that impact the quality of services and business applications.

Management efforts to optimize networks should lead to increasing bandwidth and reducing latency. Those are the two main challenges to achieve. That is to say that the network is capable of transmitting more data and, more and more quickly. And this is worth both to communicate systems to each other and for business users to access in real time the applications and data they need.

Technologically, it involves checking from the Internet access speeds to the port capacities of the different devices, adapting to new standards of WLAN (Wireless Local area Network) or the status of Wi-Fi deployments, for example, to have Our goal of optimizing networks achieved.
It Managed Services: a single technology partner

All the tasks that have been pointed out are inescapable for the companies, but to maintain a dedicated team for it can suppose an excessive cost that it ballasts other purely business investments. The outsourcing of these functions to a company offering on-site assistance and Remote Assistance frees the internal staff from those responsibilities. The proposal is clear: to have a single it partner that takes care of everything from managing Internet access to the corporate provider to managing the day-to-day network and recommending improvements to maximize the performance of IT resources.


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  1. Great post and I agree with all your points mentioned. See how RPA technology can transform IT & Infrastructure resources.

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