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Seven Of The Best Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

When the word gardening crosses the minds of most people, they think that it’s for those who reside in the outskirts or rural communities. However, starting an urban garden can be a stroll in the park. Whether you are planting the garden for yourself or family, you can contribute a lot to creating a more sustainable and green future. The following are the best gardening tips and tricks for beginners to help you green your thumb as well as the planet.

Use containers

If you don’t have adequate space in your home to set up a garden, then you can consider using containers for gardening. It’s true that not everyone has a huge backyard or balcony. While decorated can look attractive, they do not add any value to your plants and are be expensive in the long run. Instead, you can use a large container from a store as a low and cost-effective option.

Select plants carefully

There are varieties of plants that are easy to grow in urban areas. So when planting your garden, it’s important to look for quick growing plant varieties with shallow roots like herbs, radishes, and lettuce because they do better in limited spaces.

Follow correct planting procedures

garden flowersApart from carefully choosing the plants that you should include in your garden, it’s essential to pot your plants using the right procedures. For example, you should start by placing some gravel at the bottom of your pot to help with drainage before filling with soil. Give an inch at the top for watering and don’t forget to tamp the ground after the plants are in position.

Soil smart

Many urban gardeners are not aware that the soil that they use can affect the quality of their gardens as well as the plants in it. Make sure that you use high-quality land in your garden for the best results. While those that already have pesticides are widely marketed for providing excellent results, they are loaded with too many toxic chemicals. Choose organic soil if you want your plants to grow correctly from the beginning.

Drain your planting containers

No matter the containers that you choose for your gardening, its worth noting that drainage holes are necessary. Without the proper drainage then the soil can become waterlogged and the chances are that all your plants might die. The holes must be broad enough to let the waste of excess water.

Water appropriately

planting flowersGardening experts recommend that you should water your plants every day in the morning. Once the vegetables are mature and its summer then you will only have to worry about watering them in the evening. Besides, you can keep them in the shade in the afternoon to reduce their chances of drying out too fast.

The success in gardening is not measured by the food or flowers that you produce. Gardening is all about relieving stress, having fun and getting in touch with nature. Even if you dwell in a condo, you can still have fun gardening and get the benefits of eating the food that you have grown.