Ultimate Guide to Buying a Portable Ice Maker

portable ice makerAround the end of the last century, ice makers made their debut. Before they came to being and were put into use, instant ice was very hard to obtain. It could require that huge blocks be imported from colder regions and thereafter provided to individual homes by delivery services. But all this luxury and convenience can now be enjoyed thanks to the modern convenience of the portable nugget ice maker.

Due to its rise in popularity, many brands are currently selling in the market and this may pose a challenge to you on which one is the best to purchase, but do not be worried as in this guide we are going to recommend some of the main factors that you should take into consideration when you are purchasing one, so that you find that which can fit your particular needs.

Size and capacity

Mostly these ice makers are of a small size that is what makes them portable. But in this small size, you can find a variety on the amount of space that it can take up, the amount of ice that it can produce instantly and how much it can store. Different manufacturers will provide different dimensions and capacity thus it is important that you confirm the size and capacity that you need. Before making such a purchase, it is important that you take into consideration the amount of space that you have available. Additionally, if you will need to be caring it around then it is advisable that you take into consideration the weight that it has so that it can be something that is comfortable for you to handle.

Production capacity and speed

Besides taking into consideration the amount of ice that your maker can hold, it is important to make sure that it makes ice quickly enough as you will want. Thus make sure that you look at the amount of ice that it can make in a day. If you will be using it in your home or office on a regular basis, or you want to ensure that you do not want your guests to wait for a refill when you are having a party then you should go for one that has a higher production capacity. To ensure that you have the right information about all this, look keenly on the specs that the maker has.


Even though portable ice makers can be considered as relatively affordable appliances, you should always take into consideration the amount of money that your unit goes for. As it is when you are making any electronic appliance purchase, even though it is not always the case, the more you spend the higher the quality you get. Thus it would be advisable that you spend a little bit more so you get a machine that is durable.


Depending on the place where your machine will be stationed, it is important to settle for a model that will look good no matter where it will be placed. Select a colour that properly rhymes with your home d├ęcor.

Some other factors that you should take into consideration before making the final commitment are the ease of use, the durability period that it can offer, the guarantee period, intelligent water use plus the additional features that the ice maker comes with.…