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Five Expert Home Staging Tips You Can Do Yourself

If you wish to sell your home here are expert home staging tips you can do yourself to get your property prepared for the market. When listing an expensive home, you must make sure that it is presented in the best way possible. For instance, nobody, including you will be interested in buying a $ 50000 car if it is full of the owner’s personal belongings. That is the same mindset that you should have when selling your home.

1. De-clutter

The first step that you need to take when preparing to sell your home is to declutter. Make it a rule that for everything that you buy something old or unused must go out. Too much furniture is one among the many items in your home that will make it cluttered. Typically, during a professional staging, the owner is expected to remove half of the furniture in their house to make it appear much more significant. So look around your house and take note of the things that you can remove. It will be worth investing in a storage unit for several months to keep away most of your furnishings and belongings.

2. Transform rooms

If you have a room that you use to collect boxes or other junk, it’s necessary to change the function of the room. For instance, you can choose to make it an extra bedroom, reading room just to mention a few. If the office is located in your basement, you can get rid of the boxes and transform it into a gaming area.

3. Upgrade home lighting

declutter your homeGreat lighting is among the many tricks to make the home you are stagging appear warm as well as welcoming. Many homes are adequately lit and well painted with the right colors, which makes some rooms good looking and bigger. If you wish to solve this issue once and for all you can increase the wattage of the bulbs that you use in your home. Lighting experts recommend that you should aim for about one hundred watts per fifty square feet. And that is not all. Its worth noting that there are different types of lighting for separate rooms.

4. Clean your home

Apart from decluttering and the other tricks mentioned above cleaning your home is another critical step in staging your home. Most home buyers will stay away from a dirty residence. If you have children, pets, and smokers, then the chances are that your home might have a smell that might be picked up quickly by potential buyers. Give your home a thorough cleaning before staging to make it attractive to all buyers.

5. Do the necessary repairs

Unfinished home projects can scare most potential buyers, and thus you should struggle to make all the necessary repairs. For instance, you can install missing floorboards, repair large cracks in the walls just to mention a few. Note that scratched up door frames and holes in the walls can look unattractive. However, the good news is that the repairs might not cost you a fortune because you can recover all the money that you have used by including it at the asking price.…