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Top Reasons to Replace Your Old Garage Door

People that own homes will encounter the need for maintenance of their house both interior and exterior. Proper maintenance is not just about making your house to look great. Instead, it is about keeping your family safe. Garage door maintenance is one of the common tasks that homeowners should do. According to DoReMi Garage Door, replacing an old garage door is likely to have a considerable impact on both the feel and look of the home. The following are some great reasons to consider replacing your old garage doors.

Add value to the home

garage door 342As far as the value of a home is concerned, curb appeal is very important. The garage door is one of the first things a person can see when walking into your home. Thus, replacing the old one with a new one will increase the value of your property. It is estimated that it can yield over 80% ROI when selling your home.

Lower utility bills

Usually, old garage door systems are poorly insulated. This is likely to cost you a lot of money on cooling and heating, particularly when you have living space above it. The good thing about improved garage door installations is that they can pay themselves over time. This is because they reduce energy costs by keeping the cold air out during winter season and in during summer season.

Safe storage

Most homeowners use the garage as an additional storage space. It can be used to store items which do not fit into the house. In fact, it is used to store expensive lawn tools and equipment used for home renovation. Old garage doors do not fit as required or are poorly insulated. This increases damage to the belongings in case of bad weather.

Reduce maintenance

garage door 7y2Garage door repairs are very costly. Unfortunately, old doors require continuous maintenance. Installing new ones can greatly reduce the maintenance cost and time. It is advisable to buy carriage house garage doors. This is because they are made of quality steel. Also, they are insulated and have a feel and look of the traditional wooden door.

Reduce insurance premiums

When you install a new garage door, you can reduce homeowners insurance premiums by over 10%. Remember that old garage doors get damaged easily during heavy winds and storms, thereby increasing your rates. As soon as you install the new garage door, ensure you inform the concerned insurance company.…